What’s Your Weight Loss Goal?

Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc. There are many diets out there right now claiming to be the best and the most efficient. Truthfully, no one diet is the best diet when it comes to weight loss. Finding the right diet can take time and I hope to reduce that effort for you. Over my years of training I have tried multiple kinds of diets ranging from the infamous Intermittent Fasting to a strict Pescatarian diet and below is what I have learned as a result of multiple trials and errors.

Weight Loss VS Losing Fat

Let’s start with dieting since it is the foundation of all health and fitness principles! I am sure you have read numerous articles telling you there are “superfoods” that “burn” fat just from eating them or that cutting out carbs is the best way to lose weight. Wrong. Truth lies in the simplicity that all you have to do is adjust elements of your diet.

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Stay on Offense

Humans were not created to only wake up and lay in bed. You are here for a purpose. Whether you want to admit it or not, at one point in time, you had a goal, a peak, that you desired so badly that no matter how insurmountable it seemed you kept telling yourself that you would achieve it! Well…what happened? What kept you from staying on offense? How do you know you are straying? How do you fix it?

Often times when you go for a goal, you have the drive, the motivation, some of the knowledge required, and all of your peers support you and believe in you, but then, you hit a road block. You realize the goal is going to take a long time to achieve and that it is going to be very difficult. Then one of two things happen, you quit or you look for a shortcut. What can you do to avoid this?

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How Important, Really, Is Water?

Water is Important

Everyone knows that water is important and it’d be reasonable to say that everyone has grown up learning that if you want to continue to live and live a healthy life, you need to drink water. Considering our body is made up of 45%-75% water, there is no question in mind that it is essential to us living. However, questions frequently begin to arise… “How much water do I need to drink?”, “What’s the proper amount of water per day?”, “How long can I go without water?”. While all these are important questions (which will be answered throughout the article) the question no one is asking is “just how important is it?”

What inspired me to write this article was a ridiculous claim I had heard following PT one morning. One of my friends had gotten a drink of water during our workout and the person in charge told us afterward, “I noticed you guys wanna take water breaks. That’s stupid. You do not need water during a workout…it does nothing for you. You can drink no water all day and then chug a bunch at night and be completely hydrated for the entire next day…you won’t need to drink anymore.”

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