What’s Your Weight Loss Goal?

Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc. There are many diets out there right now claiming to be the best and the most efficient. Truthfully, no one diet is the best diet when it comes to weight loss. Finding the right diet can take time and I hope to reduce that effort for you. Over my years of training I have tried multiple kinds of diets ranging from the infamous Intermittent Fasting to a strict Pescatarian diet and below is what I have learned as a result of multiple trials and errors.

Weight Loss VS Losing Fat

Let’s start with dieting since it is the foundation of all health and fitness principles! I am sure you have read numerous articles telling you there are “superfoods” that “burn” fat just from eating them or that cutting out carbs is the best way to lose weight. Wrong. Truth lies in the simplicity that all you have to do is adjust elements of your diet.

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