Blue Bell Fun Run

Today I want you all to hear from my good friend @andrea.barnettt. She and I have kept each other accountable for fitness. This year she decided to become a runner, and I have had a tremendous amount of joy seeing her progress to the point where she now is.

Her Story

My Running Journey — I have never considered myself an athlete and never thought I would become a runner. About 4 months ago I decided to take my dog for a run to help him get some energy out. I maybe ran half a mile and thought I was going to die – but it felt so good that I decided to sign up for a half marathon and the training began! I started going to Orange Theory Fitness 5 days a week and doing one long run on the weekend. Four months in … I ran 10 miles. In the past 5 months I have learned that running is mental. Your body is capable of so much.

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