God’s Got This

A man went to see his doctor because he was suffering from a miserable cold. His doctor prescribed some pills, but they didn’t help.

On his next visit the doctor gave him a shot, but that didn’t do any good.

On his third visit the doctor told the man, “Go home and take a hot bath. As soon as you finish bathing throw open all the windows and stand in the draft.”

“But doc,” protested the patient, “if I do that, I’ll get pneumonia.”

“I know,” said the doctor, “I can cure pneumonia.”

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God is Good

In December of 2008, I had surgery to investigate and remove a thyroid nodule.  The diagnosis came back as Papillary Thyroid Cancer with metastasis to the delphian lymph nodes.  That was hard news.  Christmas was just a couple of weeks away.  Ten years prior (1998), my father was diagnosed with oat cell lung cancer at Christmas. Ten years prior to his diagnosis (1988), my mother was diagnosed with stage 4-colon cancer at Christmas.  As you can guess, this was not a family trend that I wanted to see continue and, if God is good, what in the world was going on?

As Christians, we celebrate Advent and Christmas with joyous remembrances of Christ’s birth, and with a hungering expectation of His return.  Both of my parents succumbed to their disease within 9 to 11 months of their diagnoses. So, it was hard to find joy in the holidays when surrounded by death. I had to remind myself that God is good: Christ was born, and Christ himself faced and defeated death, so that we might live again.

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Never Losing Sight

Recently my life had an unexpected result come about and it brought my level of reflection to new heights. I had found out about a new opportunity for a job change and it was directly up my line of work, and fit my passions extremely well. Never losing sight of my goal, I prepped hard for this job, and yet, I found I had been removed from the program with no explanation. This was something that shocked, hurt, and deeply confused me.

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