How Important, Really, Is Water?

Water is Important

Everyone knows that water is important and it’d be reasonable to say that everyone has grown up learning that if you want to continue to live and live a healthy life, you need to drink water. Considering our body is made up of 45%-75% water, there is no question in mind that it is essential to us living. However, questions frequently begin to arise… “How much water do I need to drink?”, “What’s the proper amount of water per day?”, “How long can I go without water?”. While all these are important questions (which will be answered throughout the article) the question no one is asking is “just how important is it?”

What inspired me to write this article was a ridiculous claim I had heard following PT one morning. One of my friends had gotten a drink of water during our workout and the person in charge told us afterward, “I noticed you guys wanna take water breaks. That’s stupid. You do not need water during a workout…it does nothing for you. You can drink no water all day and then chug a bunch at night and be completely hydrated for the entire next day…you won’t need to drink anymore.”

“No single formula fits everyone. But knowing more about your body’s needs for fluids will help you estimate how much water to drink every day.”–Mayo Clinic

I was utterly shocked. I did not realize people did not have a good understanding of why we need water and what a proper intake of water can do for your body! Now, if you also believe in what was said above, this article is great for you.

Water Is Involved in Everything We Do

Water is involved in everything we do, everything we eat, and everywhere we go. Most people know that water is great for keeping yourself from becoming dehydrated but there are many other benefits to drinking it than the average consumer knows.

Let’s take a look inside the body … your organs are covered in a water containing membrane with the purpose of preventing internal “chafing” during bodily movements. Your spinal cord contains a water-based substance called cerebrospinal fluid which protects your brain and cushions within your spine. Saliva, a basis of water, provides enzymes that break down food and in turn helps your body remove waste by softening stool and preventing constipation. Tired of acne? Your skin is an organ! Your skin, being the largest organ in the body, cannot be its best if you don’t hydrate. A proper amount of water in your skin can help prevent not only acne but it can also tighten your skin, reduce wrinkles, and make your skin less dry and flaky! It is incredible that something that is so simple can have the most complex advantages.

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How Much Water Do I Need

To answer the age old question “how much water do I need per day?”, we’ll start with this, there isn’t a direct amount- no specific quantity. Because every one of us is different and our levels of body fat vary from person to person,  along with how active one is versus persons who live a sedentary lifestyle, how much water you need per day should be more specific to YOU.

An easy way to do this that I have found very successful for me is to take your bodyweight and drink 30%-50% of your weight in ounces of water (200 lbs = 60-100 oz). On days where you did not do much, it would be perfectly acceptable to drink 35% of your weight in ounces. But on a day you worked out for a few hours it is going to be essential that you get at least 50%. Factors that can variate how much water intake you require are:

  • exercise
  • environment
  • overall health
  • pregnancy

In conclusion, if you are ever told you don’t need water or that “water is a crutch”, the person telling you is likely wrong. Try it out, drink more water! Maybe buy a reusable bottle as motivation to take with you everywhere you go and see how much better you start to feel every day!

One thought on “How Important, Really, Is Water?

  1. McKenzie May 6, 2019 at 5:05 am

    I read a book (Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Mary Roach) that mentioned overhydrating so that soldiers didn’t have to carry as much water. There is some information to say that it works well enough, but the problem is the soldier would have to drink so much water as to be uncomfortable and this would make running next to impossible. Really enjoyed how you talked about the major benefits of hydration because I know I need to drink water, but I tend to forget why it’s so important. Great post!

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