What’s Your Weight Loss Goal?

Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc. There are many diets out there right now claiming to be the best and the most efficient. Truthfully, no one diet is the best diet when it comes to weight loss. Finding the right diet can take time and I hope to reduce that effort for you. Over my years of training I have tried multiple kinds of diets ranging from the infamous Intermittent Fasting to a strict Pescatarian diet and below is what I have learned as a result of multiple trials and errors.

Weight Loss VS Losing Fat

Let’s start with dieting since it is the foundation of all health and fitness principles! I am sure you have read numerous articles telling you there are “superfoods” that “burn” fat just from eating them or that cutting out carbs is the best way to lose weight. Wrong. Truth lies in the simplicity that all you have to do is adjust elements of your diet.

Fat Loss

  • Sugar- one of the most harmful things you can put in your body in any diet situation. Sugar turns to Fructose which stores in the liver and then turns into stored fat.
  • Vinegar- adding one to two tablespoons of vinegar a day can help reduce appetite and has been tested to trim inches off of waistlines.
  • Protein- seafood carries a great amount protein in comparison to its fat content. Shrimp and tuna contain no fat and while salmon contains fat it is considered a healthy fat.
Sugar is Poison when losing weight

Weight Loss

  • Carbs- it is often believed you have to say goodbye to carbs but they are great for you! What matters is when you intake carbs. For example, high intensity= high carbs, no workout= little carbs
  • Calories- When targeting weight loss you need to be in a caloric deficit in relation to how many calories you burn. If you burn 2,000 calories then your intake should be around 1,400-1,600.
  • Greens- leafy greens are great for adding volume and fullness to a meal, you will feel like you are eating more and more while you are actually eating less calories.
Leafy grean are good for weight loss


In the fitness community I have noticed the belief that if you just keep lifting and focus on getting strong eventually you will lose weight and be “fit”. That’s not entirely true either. So, how do you really determine what loses weight and what burns that belly fat to get your summer body ready?

Fat Loss

  • High-Intensity- this is the most efficient method for fat loss because it produces excess post-oxygen consumption, meaning after YOU work your body does not stop. (EX: Sprints)
  • Strength- while strength training does not burn as much fat as HIIT (High-Intensity), the acute stress induced on the muscles reduces oxygen flow to the body making it work harder. Another added benefit is as the muscle gets larger, the skin around will become tighter. (EX: Heavy Weight Training)
HIIT is good for weight loss

Weight Loss

  • Cardio/Endurance- Long distance running is a great example for why running helps lose weight. When you run distance you actually get more of a muscular atrophy (Strength loss) and thus it is very important to continue strength training. However, each mile you burn about 100 calories so even if you run just five miles that is 500 calories burned!
Distance Running for Weight Loss

Why This Matters

The first question you need to ask yourself now is “What is my goal?”. When you get up and go to the gym you need to know what you are targeting and what your goals are. It is too often someone wants to get a “Beach Body” for Summer but trains in the wrong way and ends up with little to no changes. Set your goals, write them down, and do some research! Read more than just this. Go out and read other articles to gain the critical knowledge you need.

Whatever your goals are go after them and get it!

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